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About us

World Art Now - Preserving Memory of World Art Culture

The rate of change around the world is unparalleled in history. Knowledge of traditions is being lost within a generation or two.

Almost everyone now has access to the Internet and Social Media, and this inter-connectedness, whilst having its benefits, is rapidly reducing the world to a sameness, promoting a cultural bleaching so that very quickly, newer generations are losing their traditional cultural identities – or indeed even their knowledge of those identities.

We aim to promote the important work of specialist publishers and authors who are intent on recording cultures before it is too late and the process of cultural bleaching is complete. By promoting awareness of their work, and thus stimulating demand for their output, their endeavours are rewarded and encouraged.

We also wish to promote the fine work of private, non-profit museums around the world, and the many non-profit organisations that help to keep the world’s cultural memory alive.

We are based in London; our reach is worldwide.

The information and links on our website is a curated mixture of sponsored and non-sponsored content.