Michael Backman (photographed here in Nizwa, Oman in early 2019)  is a London-based writer, collector & gallerist. He is the author of 8 books on Asian politics, business & culture;  founder of the eponymous London gallery Michael Backman Ltd; & the Founder of World Art Now.

QUESTION 1 – What is your favourite city in the world?

It has to be London. I was not born in London but I felt that I had come home the day I first arrived. I love its diversity, its messiness and its creativity. I thank God everyday for it.

QUESTION 2 – What is your favourite book?

M by Peter Robb. The book simply has the letter ‘M’ as its title. It is a remarkable account of the presumed life of Caravaggio. Robb’s writing style is utterly innovative. The book is about a painter but it is Robb’s writing style that is the real art.

QUESTION 3 – Name two of your favourite dishes, or favourite restaurant.

Beef rendang in London’s Bali Bali restaurant, and iles flottantes in La Fontaine de Mars in Paris. But I think my current favourite restaurant is Ruen Urai in Bangkok.

QUESTION 4 – What was your best ever holiday?

A trip to Iceland with my son.

QUESTION 5 – What three things do you value most in the world?

My partner, my son, and my mind.